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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  January 23, 2013 5:30am-6:00am PST

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>> today, public disillusionment with the eu is at an all-time high. referendum on europe's future. you're watching al jazeera. a third term for benjamin is in yahoo! with a narrow win forcing the coalition with new sets of
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rivals. north korea threatens to step up its nuclear program after the u.n. condemns decembers rocket launch. >> a panel on the country's top court could throw out the jail sentence of a french woman serving time for kidnapping. more coming up. >> britain's prime minister says he will let the public decide if they want to stay in the european union if he's reelected. david cameron ended months of speculation by promising a referendum on the question, it he is backing. 2015. however, he said that he prefers britain to stay in member of the you. -- in the -- state a member of the eu. >> i am not a british
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isolationist. but i want a better deal for britain. but not just for britain, but for europe, too. i speak as a british prime minister with a positive vision for the future of the european union. a future in which britain wants and should want to play a committed and active part. i want completing the single market to be are driving mission. i want us to be at the forefront and also the transformative trade deals with the u.s., japan and india as part of the drive toward global free trade. and i want us to be pushing to prevent europe's smallest entrepreneurial companies from more eu directives. these should be the task that it european officials up in the morning and keep them working late into the night. >> lawrence lee has more pure >> historic sites -- has more. >> historic stuff from the prime
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minister. for the european union has run its course as a postwar political settlement bringing countries in europe together to avoid conflict. there is no need for that for the prime minister anymore. he says europe has become sluggish. and there has to be fundamental economic change and power has to be taken back by individual countries to guarantee better democracy inside europe. essentially, what he did was to give the european union a deadline for change. he said he did not want a referendum in britain now because you wanted all of these arguments to be fleshed out of the coming years. but what he said was that the method conservative party in this country were reelected in the general election here in 2015, it would be part of their mandate and the platform that there would offer the british people and in-out referendum around 2018. so five years from now.
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the great concern of this, even if there is agreement in the european union, the great concern is that now a leading prime minister from a leading european country has said the sellout and other european countries might follow suit. the worry in big european capitals like paris and berlin is whether this will be criticized and if europe will only be as strong as its most skeptical parts. and the worry is that europe might start to collapse from the outside in words. so i don't think that they will take this speech very kindly one bit. i certainly don't think that they will want to acknowledge the kind of change that mr. chairman has said is necessary. >> israel's prime minister and his right-wing bloc has done worse than expected in parliamentary elections. benjamin netanyahu is coming victory. now he has to negotiate with other fiscal parties to form a broader coalition. >> i am proud to be a prime minister and i thank you for
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giving me the opportunity for a third time to leave the state of israel. it is a big honor, but also a big responsibility. the election gives us an opportunity to make changes that the people of israel require. >> us take a closer look at the leading parties and were the standouts -- let's take a closer look at the lee present where they stand now. -- let's take a look at him the leading parties and where they are now. a surprise newcomer has made the biggest impact, winning the second largest share with 19. tom has more details on the coalition options. >> newton yahoo! post jaundice to call on his allies on the challengeetanyahu's
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now is to call and his allies on the right and the party that says the settlements in the west bank are getting too many resources at the expense of the poorer parts of the population in israel proper and he will seek reforms on that. he is demanding that the leader of the party in his campaign rhetoric at least that there be some kind of a compulsory national service for orthodox jewish man. so netanyahu will basically have less cards to work with to form a government here. one of his deputies, the deputy prime minister, frankly admitted that, in fact, they could have lost the young voters in this election and that is the main reason why they are now down a quarter from the total of the seats that they had in the outgoing. >> north korea is promising to
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strengthen its nuclear program after a new round of u.n. sanctions. this victory council unanimously passed a resolution in response to rocket launch -- the security council unanimously passed a resolution in response to the rocket launch in december. >> the draft resolution has been adopted unanimously. as resolution 27, 2013. >> as resolution 2087, 2013. >> the security council condemned what it described as a missilemelissposted technology and warned that for the consequences. >> today's resolution makes clear that, if north korea chooses again to defy the international community, such as
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by conducting of the and -- conducting another launch for a nuclear test, then the council will take significant action. >> the difference was the near- minute response from north korea's foreign ministry, saying there will be physical steps to strengthen its military, including its nuclear deterrence. that is seen here in south korea as a broad hint to the third nuclear test. p'yongyang is technically ready to carry one out. the u.s.-north korea on voight glenn davis is in seoul to talk with south korean officials on wednesday. they will discuss the prospect of imposing additional bilateral sanctions on pyongyang. an attempt to secure brian use sanctions at the security council would have certainly been vetoed by china.
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china remains north korea's most important ally. >> we believe that we should do everything possible to avoid tensions, to make sure there is opportunity to have a turnaround in this situation, and have an early talk of the six-party talks. >> the main agenda of the curly suspended talks is ending north korea's nuclear program, -- of the current fleets of -- of the currently suspended talks is ending north korea's nuclear program. >> 17 people are dead when a car loaded with explosives detonated. in another car bomb near a checkpoint south of baghdad. more than 70 russians and tends hearings arrived in moscow after being evacuated from syria. -- and 10 syrians arrived in
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moscow after being evacuated from syria. the opposition is refusing to begin ocean with the president assad government. >> regretfully, they reject any attempt to maintain dialogue and they continue to be antagonistic and our partners, unfortunately, are encouraging them and doing everything necessary to continue. so far, i repeat, everything is blocked by the fanatical efforts of the opposition forces. their intention is to dismantle the regime. it's two separate attacks in northern nigeria have killed 23 people there. 18 people were killed by fighters suspected to be from bokaharam.
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the u.s. government is confirming three of its citizens were killed in the hostage siege in algeria. the malaysian government said that one of its citizens died there. at least 37 workers and 39 fighters were killed. the nigerian army are still working -- are still looking for foreign workers. french media say they were collecting their belongings before being moved to a nearby town. japan says it will shut its embassy in molly because of worsening security. -- in mali because of worsening security. french troops have helped the government forces make significant gains. jackie has more. >> the u.s. air force transport plane takes off from banaco airbase. tangible proof of the growing support of the united states for
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the french intervention in mali. the americans, along with britain and france, are helping to transport french troops and equipment. this french contingent has been there for 10 days. they have their kit. now they are waiting for their marching orders. this is the logistical hub of the operation. it is here that the troops arrive. it is also hear that the supplies arrive. and the french are starting to fly bombing raids from here, too. in central mali french and government troops are consolidating their hold on towns recaptured in recent days. the wreckage left behind is testimony to the determination of the rebels. they fought for weeks before fleeing. >> we are very happy about the release of our town from the jihadists. >> en el a second front is
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opening against the rebels in the east -- and now, a second front is opening against the rebels in the east. soon, these nigerian troops will be joined by contingent from chad, experts in desert combat. >> we are going to war, he were imposed on us by terrorists and traffickers of all kinds. an unjust war from west the peaceful assistance from northern mali are suffering terribly. >> the french intervention has been widely welcomed by ordinary people in mali. and to those few defending those few descending voices -- and to those few dissenting voices, we hear this. >> they single the french deployment as an attack against islam on the contrary. they're helping people in distress, people who have been abandoned by all northern countries. >> the french fighting force on
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the ground now numbers more than 2000. they have been joined by around 1000 african troops, a number that is due to multiplied. the commander of the malian army believes there will retake the north within a month. confident and maybe optimistic predictions. >> we have lots more still ahead, including the egyptian activists who has developed a smartphone app that helps people who have been arrested. and a u.s. company says that it plans to start mining asteroids. others are not so sure it can be done. >> here across northeast asia, things are looking quite cold for many areas.
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the big storm has passed. it is making its way out for the pacific. what will be left is a little bit more rain and snow. across the coastal areas, a high-temperature 5 degrees and it will be a mix of the rain and snow, getting very slippery at night as it refuses -- as it refreezes, making their way down here toward the southern parts of asia, we will be watching some clear skies across the central regions of china. but then headed toward this area, we will see more rain, especially toward the south. for manila, things are looking nice for the next couple of days. we expect to see partly cloudy conditions and a temperature of 31 degrees. toward taipei, it could be breezy for you with wind out of the west at about 19 degrees. over toward india, it will be windy down here toward tree lockup. we expect that to continue toward the end of the week --
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toward sri lanka. we expect that to continue toward the end of the week. and of dhabi will have 23 degrees.
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>> let's recap the headlines. britain's prime minister says he will let the public decide
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whether they want to stay in the european unity is reelected. david cameron ended months of speculation by promising a vote if he is back in power 2013. north korea has promised a new -- another rocket launch. benjamin netanyahu has won the election, but the party has lost ground. a time magazine editor and political campaigner has been jailed for 10 years under the so-called -- the law is designed to protect the royal family from criticism, but some say they are increasingly being used as a political tool. >> when he arrived at court, he was confident. he has been in jail since he was arrested in april 2011, having
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been denied bail 12 times. shackle that the ankles alongside other prisoners also facing criminal charges, he hopes this is the day that is already long campaign for freedom will end. he says he is innocent and not a criminal. but he also knew that being charged with insulting the monarchy in thailand usually results in a long jail term. and that is exactly what was handed down of the criminal courts in bangkok. he was given 10 years for publishing articles in his magazine deemed offensive to the monarchy and an additional year for a separate defamation case. this verdict is another blow to thailand's human rights record and, in particular, freedom of speech, which is safeguarded by the constitution. but the magistrate overrides everything else. he did not write the articles and his legal team printing it. but when it comes to insulting
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the monarchy, few policeman or judges are willing to throw cases out for fear they, too, may be accused of being disloyal. >> this is a problem for thailand. the verdict is a clear lack of human rights. since the beginning of this case, he was detained. >> the european union issued a statement saying the verdict undermines the right to freedom of expression and press freedom. it went on to say that it affects thailand's image as a free and democratic society. his supporters gathered outside the court curb some believe he was targeted for prosecution because he also campaigned for a change in the law, something his family says he will continue to do. >> i think, mentally, and he will continue fighting for freedom of expression or freedom of publishing something by journalists. this is important. >> there are no plans to ask for a royal pardon because they say
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he is innocent. there will be an appeal. >> india has realist four pakistani prisoners after the completion of their jail sentences. -- in yet has been released four pakistani prisoners after the completion of their jail sentences. three pakistani soldiers and two from india were killed him technology played an important role in mobilizing activists during egypt's uprising, and as many continue to express their grievances, software developers are developing new programs to help them. >> he has been arrested several times by security forces during and after the revolution. this is where he was rounded up by riot police on the first day of the uprising.
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he said his parents a text message telling them where he was. >> i extended a quick tweet. that would allow a quick response to be brought to a larger group of people. >> he is credited with helping protestors who launched the egyptian revolution. developers are coming up with various innovative mobile phone applications. being arrested is something that eludes family or lawyers of someone's arrest. it sends a location with details using a gps without requiring internet access. >> the save security -- [indiscernible] in order to save someone, you need to know where they are. this application servers that. >> it works on blackberries and android operating systems. he says he has had thousands of
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downloads, but does not keep records of who is using them out of securities concerns. they are worried that monitoring is more hazardous than the web. >> i cannot at all secure someone with a nokia, a black beret, or -- a blackberry or by phone. we know how it is built and how to protect you. >> with -- they are looking for any help they can get. >> to the top u.s. general in
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afghanistan has been cleared of misconduct over e-mail he sent to a woman in florida. the pentagon was investigating investigations and that general john allens' three occasions with jill kelly were inappropriate. petraeus later resigned. isico's supreme court expected to rule on a case that triggered a diplomatic dispute with france a french national is serving a 60-year jail sentence for kidnapping and organized crime. adam reports from mexico city. >> this police raid forage was so convincing that the mexican public and judges were sure that the french woman was a criminal. the only problem was that the video was staged the day after she was actually arrested. later, it emerged that the federal police chief at the time
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staged a raid from the country's two top tv networks. she is currently serving a 60- year jail sentence for kidnapping and organized crime. but on wednesday, mexico's supreme court could rule whether her constitutional rights were violated. the kidnapping victims were found at the ranch where she was staying with her boyfriend. he confessed to the kidnapping, but said she had nothing to do with it. she has always maintained her innocence and victims have testified against her have given contradictory information about her involvement. if the judges ruled that the footage tinted her sentence, it could lead to very eventual freedom. last year, supreme court judges said there were violations in her trial, but did not go as far as ordering her release. they let the door open for further appeals like the one currently under review. polls show that a majority of mexicans believe she is guilty but she only receives attention
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because she is a foreigner. >> it happens to be the case of a frenchwoman, but it could happen to many mexican. so it is very important that the supreme court sends a very clear message to prosecutors and to police authorities that such behavior, such conduct is not admissible. >> the case has caused diplomatic tensions between france and mexico for years. in a speech alluding to the case last year, former president felipe calderon and urged them to respect residence rights. they want the court to decide the case without political interference. french president francois hollande says he is optimistic that they will put an end to this painful situation.
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al jazeera, mexico city. >> japanese investors say a damaged then treat on the boeing dream leonard did not seem to be overcharged. -- streamliner -- dreamliner did not seem to be overcharged. it remains grounded while investigations continue. >> the 787 uses up to 70% of materials. japanese companies have also been very involved. if something were to go wrong, it would be something that uses a large amount of these new materials. i never dreamed there would be a problem with the electrical system. >> time is saying that there are only troubles by asking a tribunal to weigh in on the
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challenges in the region. six governments have overlapping claims over much of the south china sea. just days after recording its highest air pollution levels, smog has returned to beijing. particles released from factories and vehicles into the atmosphere have measured well above the world health organization limits. th
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